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Wed Night street drags
Legal Street Drags

Wed Night street drags
Legal Street Drags
at 4:00pm

Racing And Growing

The goals of the Fast Cop program is to save lives and reduce the amount of injuries on our public streets and highways. Though the target audience is the population in general, our focal group is that of the teenagers. By developing contact with young drivers, who have not yet developed hazardous driving habits, we will be able to make a difference in their performance behind the wheel .

Please play the video to the left to see our Fast Cop Drag Car in action. (Note: The video may take awhile to load if you are not using a high speed internet connection.)

Bridging The Gap

By using drag racing as a method of bridging the gap between the civilian population and law enforcement, we will be creating a fun and educational situation, through which, there can be an open and unfettered dialog, giving our citizenry a method for channeling their driving behavior in a more positive manner, and educating them about the hazards of road rage and impaired driving in an enjoyable and open setting.

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Safety On The Roads

This is a community growth program, allowing the community and its employed protectorate to function as one to better the conditions on our roads and highways. By introducing an interest common both to the public and to the law enforcement alike, we can hope that our goal of safety on the roads becomes a practical daily function on the forefront of the driver's mind.

Goals are to be attained through educational programs, and police/civilian interactions stressing seat belt usage, aggressive driving self-control, and sober vehicle operation. We encourage open communication between citizens and the law enforcement community in a non-threatening environment using motor-sports as a vehicle for that dialog.

Race With A Cop

Every form of speed competition, from Drag Racing to NASCAR, originated from one arrogant racer challenging another to prove whose ride was fastest. Motorsports events have grown into an organized, multi-billion dollar business. Homegrown hot rodders continue to throw down the gauntlet, with challengest played out on back roads where people get arrested, hurt or even killed. The problem is serious. Come race with the POLICE, there is no speed limit on the race track.

For 2014 Legal Street Drag Information and locations visit our Calendar.

2014 Street Legal Drag
Again in 2014, young drivers will be challenged to race and beat a cop, ask questions, and gain information, all at any one of 144 drag racing tracks throughout the country. Hand-in-hand, the racing will be an opportunity for the public and police to interact. The resulting communicative education is the Fast Cop Program.