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Legal Street Drag Rules

General Regulations:

  • All vehicles must be a street legal car, truck, or motorcycle that is currently registered for Street Use.
  • Helmets are required by ALL racers. A minimum of SNELL 2005 or Newer.
  • All Drivers must have a valid driver's license. Must be 16 to race, and 16, and 17 year old drivers must have a waiver signed at the front gate by parent(s) (must be accompanied by parent.
  • No Shorts, Nylon wind pants, Bare Legs, tank tops, or bare torsos permitted while racing.
  • All cars can not be faster then 14.99 seconds in the quarter mile with a rider (all riders must be 16 years or older and if under 18 with parent concent form signed at front gate).
  • ¼ mile elapsed times that are quicker then 11.49 seconds require specialized racing equipment, or licenses. If you suspect that you may be going faster then 11.49 seconds, please consult the NHRA rule book, NHRA Tech Dept.


  • Exhaust must be routed through street legal muffler(s).
  • Street legal treaded tires are required both front and rear with a visible DOT stamp. Tires will be inspected for overall condition. (Bare cords will not be permitted)
  • A Radiator overflow catch can is required for all vehicles, securely mounted.
  • Batteries must be secured per OEM (manufacture's supplied tie down), or with minimum 2- 3/8 inch diameter bolts. (No bungee straps or cords will be accepted.)
  • All vehicles must have working seat belts securely fastened to the frame, floor, or Factory mounting.
  • Nitrous Oxide bottles must be stamped as meeting DOT 1,800 lbs. standards and must be securely mounted, vented to the outside of drivers compartment.


  • Motorcycles must be registered for street use with front and rear brakes, chain guards, snap back throttle mandatory.
  • Ignition cut off switch attached to the rider with lanyard or other like object.
  • Leather Jacket, gloves, and above the ankle shoes mandatory for all riders.
  • A full leather suit, is required for all riders surpassing 120 MPH ,meeting SFI Spec stated in the 2011 NHRA Rule Book.
  • Riders surpassing 9.90 Seconds must have a valid NHRA competition license.
  • SNELL 2005 or newer helmet is mandatory for all racers.