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Fast Cop Motor Specs

651hp. @ 7200rpm. And 508 ft. torque @ 5600rpm.

1993 Mustang LX started its life with Fast Cop Inc. in the fall of 2003 with the start of the Fast Cop program. The car was bought from a junk yard in southern Minnesota. The car was purchased by the junk yard at Minneapolis Police Department Auction.

The Fast Cop Crew started building the squad as donation would allow. It took the winter of 2003 to get it to a rolling chassis state. After body work and painting, the squad it was entered in to several car shows through out Minnesota. The Fast Cop Crew has continued to work on the squad to what it is today.

FastCop Squad Spec's


Traditional Police Black and White.

Fast Cop Police Decals on each door.

Stock fenders and doors were used with POLICE on each fender.

4 inch fiberglass Cowl Induction hood was added. All original glass was retained.


Weld wheels. 3.5x15, 4 bolt pattern front and 10x15, 5 bolt pattern rear.


4x28 Goodyear front runners. 15x 9 Hoosier drag radials rear.


QA1 Pro active tube K frame, 12 way adjustable QA1 Struts with 250lb QA1 springs. Stock 4 cylinder spindles and stock disc brakes on front. Wilwood, 4 piston rear disc brakes. Sub frames were connected.


9 inch Currie bolt in rear-end. 4.86 ring and pinion with 35 spline axles. Adjustable upper control arms that have been relocated. Adjustable lower control arms, stock location. Pinion angle set at -1.5 degree and a +1.5 degree on the tranny. QA1, 12 way adjustable rear shocks. Set according to track Conditions.


Stock V8 radiator. 1970 351 Cleveland motor. Solid motor and transmission mounts. 2 speed Powerglide transmission with 1.76 first gear and a 1-1 final gear.

351C specs:

351 Cleveland stock block. 1970 casting. 2 bolt mains.

Deck plate used.

.030 bore.

Zero deck.

Block filler.

Main caps line bored and honed.

Main caps machined for stud girdle.

ARP Main studs.

Racing Main bearings.

Stock cam bearings.

HV Melling oil pump.

Lunti 4340 stroked crankshaft. 3.62 storke.

CP forged pistons/gas ported, 351C pistons with .921 pins.

CP rings. Top ring filed to .026, Second ring filed to .028 and

Oil rings untouched. Rings filed for 100 Horsepower shot of


Eagle, 5.700 Chevy H-Beam, 2.100 big end rods.

Rotating assembly balanced.

Comp Cam with a .734 lift on intake and exhaust @ .050 and installed at 106, along with 4 degree advanced.

H& R Roller lifters, 3/8 Comp. harden push rods and guide plates.

Stock 351C 4V, 1970 quenched heads with 7/16 screw in studs.

Both intake and exhaust mildly ported. Exhaust flow, 230cfm @ .700 lift. Intake flow, 316cfm @ .700 lift. 66cc combustion chamber with stock size stainless steel PBM valves. Intake: 2.190

Exhaust: 1.70 with both valves back-cut to 52 degree. Nothing was taken off the deck of the head.

651hp. @ 7200rpm. And 508 ft. torque @ 5600rpm.