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2009 Chassie Change

Chassis modifications... on the Fast Cop car were done for the 2009 racing season. The modifications were done by Daren Erickson Race Cars of Bagley, MN.

Looking from the left rear corner into the trunk area, you can see the wheel tubs and the fuel cell location.
You can see how much tube is needed to fit a 32x14x15 inch Goodyear tire under the car.
Looking through the drivers door and to the rear, you can see the inside view of the back half of the car.
This is a view of the underside, looking from the rear to the front. You can see the frame rails and the 4 link mounting points.
Looking across from the right rear tub area, you can see how much word had to be done to make things work to get the tubs and frame rails in.
This is a view of the tunnel that had to be made for the drive shaft loop and drive shaft.
The new drivers' cage is viewed through the right passengers' door. You can see we had to take out the windshield to get the bars in and to weld. We ran them down to the floor through the speaker openings.
This is the diver's view to the rear of the car of all the work that is being done.
This the modifications needed on the 9 inch rear-end for our 510 foot pound of torque. The modification was also done with the intent of going to a big block in the future.
This is a view of all the bracing that is needed.
You can see all of 4-link mounting points. It should give us lost of adjustability.